I grew up surrounded by handicrafts in all kinds and shapes. My grandmother tought me how to knit and my mother showed me the art of painting. Throughout my childhood I saw beautiful items being created by the two of them. Most important, they tought me that crafts can be a way of expressing yourself. As I grew older my interest for handicrafts grew stronger and I started to look for my own inspiration. 

In October 2011 I came in touch with the ancient craft called "Luffarslöjd". It originates from the era when Hobo´s were wondering from farm to farm. Mainly during the late 1800´s until the mid- 1900´s. Some of the hobo´s were working with iron wire and many of them became to be really good at the handicraft. They usually did everyday items that could be used in households as hooks, trivets, baskets and wire whisks. They changed their craft in the farms against a piece of food or shelter for the night.  

I use both galvanized steel wire and varoius kinds of iron wire for my creations. My creative process is constantly ongoing. Whenever I sit down in my studio I let my thoughts wander while my hands start the creative process. That is why every product is unique, they can look a like but there will always be differences.  The baskets, plates, and the another items are made in galvanized steel wire and various kinds of iron wire. The black one is a lashing wire.

Apart from "Luffarslöjd" I find great pleasure in creating beautiful pieces with pearl embroideries and knittings. It is a true joy to see people wearing my jewellery. 

My website is my storefront. By looking into the gallery you wil find the items that I've currently chosen to show you. 
Do you see things you like? Are you interested in buying my items? 
Please feel free to contact me by mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible. kontakt@asasandh.se

Since the beginning of 2013 I've had the privilege live my dream full out. And I can proudly say that today I live and breathe handicraft.

Åsa Sandh